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Taste and sustainability equally important

Tequila Buen Vato is made of Agave that has been maturating for eight years of the clay-rich earth of the Vally of Tequila next to the Amatitán town.

The family Real, 5th generation agaveros has been working the earth in the same fields their horses feed and kids play, hence no overuse of herbicides and pesticides. The taste of this Agave is typical of the region, rich in sugars and hints of citrus.

The Agave is cooked in a pressure cooker (autoclave) and slowly fermented without any accelerator.

The distillation is performed in stainless still pot stills, the Buen Vato Tequila is high in Agave but not a 100% Agave. The reason for this is that we managed to reach the same flavor and body profile as a 100% Agave, but since we are on the mission to minimize the environmental impact, instead of bottling in Mexico (100% can only be bottled in Mexico), we transport 55% Tequila and blend to 38% in Europe where the bottling is done.

We have been particularly cautious about taking away all taste modifiers such as glycerine and sugars to present the real thing. In our work, we value the taste equally as we praise the sustainability factor. It’s up to you to tell if we have done a good job, we hope you enjoy it!

Buen Vato
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Flavour on the Nose

Clear cooked Agave tones in beautiful balance with herbs, and hints of citrus and cucumber.

In the Mouth

Beginning relatively smooth and sweet with a medium body. Ends with a slight bitterness that resembles of chocolate. Exists smoothly with a slightly with elements pepperiness but with clear agave sweetness.

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The Destilery

The Destilery

Buen Vato are committed to ensuring the labour conditions of the workers who produce our product adhere to modern humanitarian working rights. We love and respect the communities who produce Buen Vato, and hope this is reflected in the quality of our tequila.
Our producers, the Destileria La Santa Rosa in Amatitán, Jalisco, have ongoing projects  which aim to integrate social compliance at the heart of the distillery.
which aim to integrate social compliance at the heart of the distillery

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We want to redefine what a ‘good’ tequila is by challenging perceptions of what ‘good’ means.