BCB 2023

Just around the corner

We packed our bags again to participate in the largest trade fair for the bar and beverage industry, the Bar Convent Berlin 2023.

The German capital and more than 12 thousand visitors from around 90 countries (BCB 2022 data) await us once again to share our smooth, balanced, and well-made tequila and the sustainability philosophy behind our brand.

On this occasion, in addition to our flavor and innovative packaging, we want to share the projects we are working on to reduce our carbon footprint in each step of our production and distribution chain… New presentations and innovations are on the way!

See you from October 9 to 11 at the Exhibition Center Berlin, stand A1710. Let’s meet and talk about tequila and sustainability!


For questions and more information, please contact:
AliasSmith AB, Omar Corona +46 8309855, omar@aliassmith.se


Margaritas competition in Denmark… The ultimate Buen Vato!

This is probably as good as a Monday will ever get! Margaritas competition and tacos. What better plan!

The best margarita with Buen Vato will be awarded next August 28 in Cinco, Aarhus, Denmark. The judging will be based on taste, creativity, ability to complement and enhance the Buen Vato character, presentation (cocktail look and storytelling), and a sustainability aspect.

After crowning the ultimate Buen Vato, we will have tacos with a unique cocktail menu prepared by Cinco.

See the details of the event and register at the following link:

(2) TACOS & MARGARITAS – The Ultimate Buen Vato! | Facebook

Buen Vato at the Roma Bar Show

Ciao! A memory of wonderful days, meeting new friends who share our interest in sustainability at the Roma Bar Show, the Italian event dedicated exclusively to the beverage industry and the world of mixology.

With the Palazzo Dei Congressi as a backstage, from 29 to 30 May we were in the Mexican Village presenting our great flavor to the visitors, sharing the philosophy of our brand, and talking about sustainability with our speech on carbon emissions in the industry and the challenge that will revolutionize the industry.


Gold medal at the SIP Awards!

The public has chosen us! Buen Vato obtained Gold Medal in this competition where consumers judge spirits, unaffected by industry bias. “This pragmatic and refreshing model of evaluation provides an honest stage for feedback and recognition where top brands showcase their achievements”, SIP Awards.

The qualification of the products is carried out in a completely blind tasting, where consumers value the spirits’ aroma, taste, and finish. So, we are very happy that consumers have preferred the aroma and flavor of Buen Vato to award it gold among mixed tequilas.

Buen Vato is a tequila that values taste and sustainability with the same reverence. We work on improving in each stage of our process in order to reduce our carbon emissions, but also to offer quality and a great flavor and experience to our consumers.

IWSC gold for Buen Vato

With 96 points, our tequila won a gold medal at the International World Spirit Competition.

120 of the world’s leading spirits experts tasted and judged 4,100 entries from 98 countries, so we are very proud that our flavor has been recognized, awarded, and described as: “Beautifully floral, bursting with sweet grassy aromas and delightful savoury tones. Seductively viscous, the palate reveals notes of toasted corn and a whisp of smoke, paving the way to an elegant finish, with a lingering citrus zing. Superb!”

According to the IWSC, this is more than a competition, “It is a global wine and spirits community, focused on people and expertise”, with the mission to champion the best wine and spirits from around the world. In the competition, the IWSC recognizes Tequila as a popular category that grew during the pandemic, with people’s interest in enjoying it at home, and its versatility in terms of flavors and cocktail recipes.

This result motivates us to continue working on our product and our entire sustainability project behind the brand.

4,5 stars: Difford´s guide

Buen Vato values taste and sustainability with the same reverence, and the 4,5 stars over 5 that Difford´s Guide gave to this Tequila Blanco is proof of this.

This global authority on drinking culture highlighted the raw material and process of Buen Vato, as a tequila made of agave harvested in the Valley of Tequila, cultivated without herbicides and pesticides by a 5th generation tequila maker family, cooked in an autoclave (pressure cooker), slowly fermented without any accelerator and distilled in stainless steel pot stills.

Difford´s guide also described the reason because Tequila Buen Vato is not 100% agave, mainly that to minimize the environmental impact, Buen Vato is bulk shipped in tanks at 55% alc./ vol. and it is bottled in Europe using paperboard bottles.

“Although this tequila cannot claim to be “100% agave” it still stands up well when compared to many tequilas that are. And with its sustainable credentials, Buen Vato is an attractive well preposition for bars”, Difford´s guide.

Read the article here: https://www.diffordsguide.com/beer-wine-spirits/7698/buen-vato-tequila

Daily Advent shared Buen Vato´s launch

The American media Daily Advent posted the Buen Vato´s launch and highlighted how its innovative package reduces shipping cost emissions and energy and water used in its production process. The media mentioned Buen Vato among some brands that have implemented more environmentally friendly containers.

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Buen Vato in the German media Watson

The German media Watson shared the news of Buen Vato´s launch in Europe, starting in the Swedish market in July. This media highlighted the possibility of enjoying a good Tequila while being responsible for the environment, thanks to Buen Vato´s paperboard bottle and all its CSR projects.

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We are trend

Trend Hunter, the #1 trend platform that identifies consumer insights and deep dive opportunities for the world’s most innovative companies, highlighted the launch of Buen Vato, the first Tequila in a paperboard bottle, as a brand that joins the trend of innovative and sustainable packaging.

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Buen Vato is an example of sustainability

We are proud that media and portals focused on sustainability show interest in Buen Vato and share the news of this great launch. Thanks to Environmental + Energy Leader for highlighting Buen Vato among the companies that seek to make their packaging friendly to the environment.

Image and information are taken from:

Tequila Company Buen Vato's Cardboard Bottle Reduces Shipping Costs, Emissions (environmentalleader.com)