The world is in trouble

Conservative corporations driven by soulless Boomer values and inconvenient but comfortable lack of action from most of the world’s population have driven our planet to the brink. All the while, by only adding one last slide to the producer’s PowerPoint presentation where the environment is mentioned or consumers doing the same, they always have done (maybe due to lack of alternatives), everybody continues believing to be the good guys.
Something has to change.

It’s time

To put the environment into the business equation, to create and deliver an alternative to the market so the consumer can actively choose products that reduce C02 emissions and pollution in each stage of the process.
Once we are started, it is not only time to think about pollution but also to make social responsibility a priority assuring that the production of the products we love is done by respecting and helping the people who produce them.
It’s time to see beyond glossy presentations and make awareness of the problems such as air pollution, water, and waste management. Nobody is perfect, no Tequila today is fully sustainable so let´s be open and tell what can be done better.
This is the belief background of our new Tequila. We believe the taste is incredible and yes, it might be just humble Tequila, but we sure hope it to become so much more than that.

We believe

That the project we do is crazy. Most have told us that it is better to do what everybody is doing. “It is safer”.
Well, we are not here to follow and contribute to the collapse of our world. We might not succeed and are taking a big risk but if we don’t succeed hopefully, we manage to inspire the spirits industry to put sustainability at the heart of the top shelf. And to show how good guys don’t always come in conventional packages.
We celebrate companies that already did great changes.
But sadly, there are not enough of those, it is time to act.
We are powered by a very simple idea:

Things can change.

There is always a better way.

Do you have ideas on how we can improve?

Buen Vato is always striving for a better way. We never stop searching for different solutions, better environmental options, and more ways for people to enjoy Tequila in the most sustainable way possible.