Daily Advent shared Buen Vato´s launch

The American media Daily Advent posted the Buen Vato´s launch and highlighted how its innovative package reduces shipping cost emissions and energy and water used in its production process. The media mentioned Buen Vato among some brands that have implemented more environmentally friendly containers.

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Buen Vato in the German media Watson

The German media Watson shared the news of Buen Vato´s launch in Europe, starting in the Swedish market in July. This media highlighted the possibility of enjoying a good Tequila while being responsible for the environment, thanks to Buen Vato´s paperboard bottle and all its CSR projects.

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We are trend

Trend Hunter, the #1 trend platform that identifies consumer insights and deep dive opportunities for the world’s most innovative companies, highlighted the launch of Buen Vato, the first Tequila in a paperboard bottle, as a brand that joins the trend of innovative and sustainable packaging.

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Buen Vato is an example of sustainability

We are proud that media and portals focused on sustainability show interest in Buen Vato and share the news of this great launch. Thanks to Environmental + Energy Leader for highlighting Buen Vato among the companies that seek to make their packaging friendly to the environment.

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Tequila Company Buen Vato's Cardboard Bottle Reduces Shipping Costs, Emissions (environmentalleader.com)


Specialized media interested in Buen Vato

The premier resource for label professionals, Label & Narrow Web, highlighted Buen Vato´s launch for its specialized audience who wants to stay informed on the latest trends and technologies, new products, as well as industry happenings. The innovative paperboard bottle made from 94% recycled paper has aroused the interest of the industry.

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World’s First Tequila In A Cardboard Bottle | Label and Narrow Web



Buen Vato in Imbottigliamento, Italian magazine

Buen Vato´s launch continues to be important news in Italy. In this opportunity Imbottigliamento, the Italian magazine of the wine, beverage, and liquid food industry shared with its audience the details of the benefits of the Buen Vato package, sustainable manufacturing, transportation processes, and CSR initiatives.

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Buen Vato, la prima tequila al mondo in una bottiglia di carta arriva in Europa a luglio 2022 – Imbottigliamento


Buen Vato in the German magazine Neue Verpackung

Neue Verpackung, from Germany, highlighted the innovative packaging of Buen Vato, a bottle made from 94% recycled paper.

Neue Verpackung is one of the leading packaging trade magazines in Europe for decision-makers in the areas of technology, management, and purchasing. This makes us happy, to inspire the drinks industry and other industries to think om sustainability.

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Weltweit erster Tequila in Papierflasche (neue-verpackung.de)



Green Retail

Buen Vato in the Italian media Green Retail

The Italian media Green Retail, the first newspaper on sustainability in retail, is also one that joins us to share the launch of our sustainable Tequila.

Not only the alcoholic beverage industry recognizes Buen Vato´s efforts for the environment and society. Media interested in sustainability knows how important is to have products and projects that follow a CSR plan.

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Green Retail – Prossimo lancio in Svezia di Buen Vato, la prima tequila in una bottiglia di carta


We are news in UK!

Thanks to its innovative paperboard packaging made from 94% recycled material and its strategies in sustainable manufacturing, transportation processes and CSR initiatives, media around the world celebrate the launch of Buen Vato with us.

The British magazine The Spirits Business, one of the most important in the industry, share this great achievement.

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‘World’s first’ Tequila in cardboard bottle launches – The Spirits Business